Welcome to our Photo Gallery!

Craig and Woody 20th Annual Westcoaster
Room Action
Clarke Selling in his room
We hope you enjoy the show.  We've decided to put up some great pictures from the past to bring back some great memories!  We'll have highlights from this year's show later on this spring!
The Friendly Struggle for Succession
Scotty and Bob, who began the party!
Scott Morlan, Ed Ruby, and Bob Fisher
Craig McClain at his first West Coaster with Bob
The Opening Parade with Woody Lambirth taking the lead
Re-enactors love our show too.
From a much earlier time, yet in the present
Showing diorama pieces
Lots and lots of sets!
...and so much more!
Great table!
Fun for the entire family!
The West Coaster is a fun time for all!  Many thanks to Barbara Fisher for her help with the photos.  If you have a West Coaster photo you want to share, send it along to oldtoysoldierhome@att.net. We plan to update the site photos later in the spring.  Hope you enjoyed the page!